Friday, April 12, 2013

Ignoring history-Thatcher and Climate Change

ABC's environment website is a type example of bias and mis-information. Their propaganda playbook straight out of Orwell's 1984. No surprise there, given it's run by environmental activists who enjoy trouncing ABC's editorial policies.

The latest piece of mis-information; an op ed titled "How Margaret Thatcher led the way on climate change"

Amazingly this piece omits Thatcher's comments made in her 2003 book "Statecraft" in which she almost completely recants the views contained in ABC's op ed. ABC's writer and editor willfully ignore the facts for the sake of spruiking their own agenda. Once again ABC's audience left in the dark.

Here are a few choice quotes from Statecraft, from the section "Hot Air and Global Warming" (P.449)
"The doomsters favourite subject today is climate change."
"Indeed, the lack of any sense of proportion is what characterises many pronouncements on the matter by otherwise sensible people."
"Ït would, though, be difficult to beat for apocalyptic hyperbole former Vice-President Gore." (ed. MT not aware of the dire pronouncements of our own Climate Commission!)

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