Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Off topic: on the shambles

Somewhat off topic. I have a letter in the Oz today that was was cut a little. Here's the full text:

Dennis Shanahan (Nothing left for ALP to do but panic, 26/2) paints a despairing picture about modern Labor. But I thank the Rudd - Gillard Government for one thing. Their collective incompetence, their dishonesty and spin, their waste and their myriad of policy failures opened my mind to considering the alternative: the potential that one day we may once again be lead by a competent government. Hence thanks to Kevin and Julia I have joined the ranks of that once rare breed: the swinging voter.
This from someone who to used to think of themselves as a rusted on ALP supporter. Of course this is more spin, for nothing can be rusted on, and once it's fallen off it's impossible to stick it back in place. ALP members in marginal seats must be thinking how much more rust will have fallen off by September?

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  • sums it nicely in her column in today's Australian....
    ...The damage they have done to the Labor brand will likely last much longer than their own short time in government.

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    1. JANET ALBRECHTSEN is calling it far too early.


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