Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maurice our hero

Former ABC Chairmen Maurice Newman on irrational comparisons made by climate catastrophist Robyn Williams in today's Australian. Three cheers for Maurice!

ABC clique in control of climate
LAST month in this newspaper, I wrote an irreverent piece, "Losing Their Religion As Evidence Cools Off", illustrating how the global warming establishment was like a religion, replete with the structure, scripture and financial resources required to promote a faith-based movement and how it is losing disciples as the truth wears off.
I don't know about other readers, but at the ABC, for those with the religion it hit a nerve.
On November 24, Robyn Williams intoned to his audience on ABC's The Science Show, "if I told you that pedophilia is good for children, or asbestos is an excellent inhalant for those with asthma, or, that smoking crack is a normal part and a healthy one of teenage life, you'd rightly find it outrageous. Similar statements are coming out of inexpert mouths again and again, distorting the science". My article was given as an example of an anti-scientific position.
Really? Questioning climate science is like advocating pedophilia, abetting mesothelioma and pushing drugs to teenagers? Well yes, according to the ABC's science man. Stephan Lewandowsky, a guest on the program, asserted that those with a free market background were, according to his research, more likely to be sceptical of science. As well as climate science, "they are also rejecting the link between smoking and lung cancer; they are rejecting the link between HIV and AIDS", the professor said. Happily, it was extremely difficult to detect people on the "Left side of politics who are rejecting scientific evidence".

Read the rest at the Oz.


  1. Newman had many years to change the culture of the ABC but failed spectacularly. He was not up to the job and rapidly became the Malcolm Fraser of management - had all the power but not the balls to use it.
    Now he suddenly decides to grow a set long after departing the role.
    Piss weak.

  2. No wonder Anonymous is anonymous. An insider perhaps?


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