Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lies of the Climate Commission: Part 13

A quick note to add to the growing list of the Climate Commission's misrepresentations of climate science.

The Climate Commission's Will Steffen tells ABC's AM audience "Climate change was a factor in several aspects of Sandy."

Meanwhile The Australian's Graham Lloyd reports: "AUSTRALIA'S Climate Commission has misrepresented data from the leading US meteorological bureau to highlight a link between climate change and the severity of Superstorm Sandy which this week crippled New York."

Definition of MISREPRESENT

: to give a false or misleading representation of usually with an intent to deceive or be unfair <misrepresented the facts>

More from that article...

...Dr Hoerling told US public radio in the aftermath of Sandy that ocean temperatures adjacent to the US eastern seaboard had been running several degrees higher than normal.
But he said the unusually warm waters were in areas where the background temperature was relatively cool. "So adding a few degrees Fahrenheit at that cool water temperature doesn't matter too much for the intensity of a hurricane," Dr Hoerling said.
Dr Hoerling is a research meteorologist, specialising in climate dynamics, in NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory located in Boulder, Colorado.
He is chairman of the US CLIVAR (Climate Variability) research program, has served as editor of the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate, and has published more than 50 scientific papers dealing with climate variability and change.
Late yesterday, Professor England conceded the sea-surface temperature highlighted in the Climate Commission document was not significant.
Sadly incompetence from the government's climate commissioners is something we are becoming all to familiar with.


  1. Sadly the Climate Commission produces very shoddy work. Have you seen my three articles highlighting their dodgy graphics Figures 1, 2 and 3 in their online pdf report - "THE CRITICAL DECADE Queensland climate impacts and opportunities"
    Fig 1 here.
    Australian Climate Commission bungles simple temperature anomaly chart

    Then Fig 2 with its "hide the decline" implications and double counting of 2009.
    Australian Climate Commission bungles second temperature chart - already constructed for them by the BoM

    and now the Fig 3 twin rainfall map too is also shown to be misleading.
    Australian Climate Commission presents selective picture of Queensland rain history


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