Thursday, December 16, 2010

Missing News: Climate data contaminated by UHI

McKitrick and Nierenberg 2010 "Socioeconomic Patterns in Climate Data", is in press at the Journal of Economic and Social Measurement.

"Overall we find that the evidence for contamination of climatic data is robust across numerous data sets, it is not undermined by controlling for spatial autocorrelation, and the patterns are not explained by climate models. Consequently we conclude that important data products used for the analysis of climate change over global land surfaces may be contaminated with socioeconomic patterns related to urbanization and other socioeconomic processes. "

"We have  shown that a coefficient pattern connecting 
temperature trends to indicators of industrialization is robust across a wide range of data configurations  
in the surface and lower troposphere, but is absent in climate model-generated data. The failure to  
reproduce this pattern in models indicates that it  is not a natural feature of the climate system nor  a  
response to greenhouse gas-induced forcing."

Summer land surface temperature of cities in the Northeast were an average of 7 °C to 9 °C (13°F to 16 °F) warmer than surrounding rural areas over a three year period, the new research shows. The complex phenomenon that drives up temperatures is called the urban heat island effect. 

You won't read about it at the ABC as its decade long Groupthink silly season continues.

We return now to our WEB.

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