Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What ABC is teaching our Kids

ABC environment and the ABC "Splash" website have published an op ed by former weather presenter Rob Gell.

The piece(s) contain this glaring piece of sensationalism:

"Last year, 2013, was Australia's hottest year ever and we've started 2014 with another 50°C heatwave over inland Australia that then migrated to the southeastern states."

"another 50°C heatwave"!

Temperatures as measured at Bureau of Meteorology station did not pass 50°C this summer anywhere in Australia. The correct descriptor would be "another high 40s°C heatwave", but of course we get those every year! But where is the news in that? We have requested ABC investigate.

ABC promote "Splash" as 
  • a new world-class education website for Australia

Sadly it seems the site has the same respect for the facts as the rest of the ABC.


The following from ABC: received today...

You are correct that no temperatures above 50 degrees were recorded in the period described. The story has been corrected.

ABC Digital Education apologises for this mistake.

Audience and Consumer Affairs are satisfied correcting the story adequately resolves the matter.

Score +1

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