Monday, February 3, 2014

A sit down and a chat

ABC need to have a sit down and chat about its performance on so many issues. Endemic groupthink has pushed public confidence in the organisation to new lows. Some recent op eds set the tone:

Andrew Bolt: The ABC is out of control and its boss simply attacks its critics.
Henry Ergas: But to ensure good use of the community's resources, it is not enough to ask whether the public service broadcasters are doing what they do properly; one must also ask whether they are doing the right things.
Paul Sheehan: This brings into question the judgment of the news and current affairs division, and its self-perpetuating, cultural proclivities at the most basic, granular and reflexive level.

Some further comment at Catallaxy: The ABC is in trouble

Update Good line in an Oz editorialAn examination of facts shows the ABC's reporting of torture claims against the navy was wrong, unjustified, incorrect and irresponsible, whatever its motives. 


  1. All they need to do is get someone from outside the ABC to step in and level up the playing field. More people voted for the right of politics than the left at the last election. That means there is a viewpoint out there that isn't getting catered for..Newspapers are the perfect test. That is where the consumer has the choice and will make it on what they prefer. Compare the sales of the Herald Sun to that of the Age. What are the current figures and what are the trends. If more people prefer the HS (as it is their choice) then I would suggest that the majority of people prefer the views right of centre ( or a least balanced)

  2. I think the Age should be mounting a serious campaign against the ABC's trendy, pseudo-leftie, hypocrit-greenie, inner-suburban middle class, public sector fat-cat audience targeting. This is a clear case of government interfering in the market at the expense of private capital. In this case, exactly the same market that is targeted by the Age.


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