Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trade winds slower or faster?

WUWT has an interesting post on the conflicting nature of recent climate change research:

While Matthew England claims in a new paper that fast trade winds caused cooling.

Once again ABC's reporters fail their readers by not mentioning the glaring contradiction given they covered the 2006 paper. One wonders where ABC's "journalists" are getting their training. Seems the ABC's Groupthink hot house is failing to imbibe a sense of scepticism necessary for sound reporting.

Here's ABC's latest report:
Warming slowdown caused by Pacific winds
The research, published in Nature Climate Change, shows more than 20 years of strengthening trade winds has increased the circulation of water in the western Pacific Ocean.

The vast looping system of air currents that fuels Pacific trade winds and climate from South America to Southeast Asia may be another victim of climate change, scientists say

You can only sit back and weep! We made ABC's Alan Sunderland aware of the inconsistency.

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