Monday, August 2, 2010

Missing voices

Some voices missing from our ABC.
First Prof. Bob Carter discusses the perils faced by scientists who prefer evidence over authority.
The phenomena of disinvitation and the brotherhood of silence
Scientists who venture to make independent statements in public about environmental myths soon come to learn about two post-modern-science tactics used to suppress their views – namely, disinvitation and the application of a brotherhood of silence. How these tactics work is explained in this article. Read it at Quadrant.

Second, Anthony Cox and David Stockwell take ABC's The Drum to task on the issue of Balance (Something Prof Carter and yours truly are familiar with). 
Suing the skeptics
In her ABC Unleashed article Kellie Tranter recommends litigation under the Trade Practices Act (TPA) and its state equivalents against sceptics. This is a novel suggestion. Generally litigation under Part V of the TPA requires two things: firstly the creation of a perception of expertise, and secondly, the use of that perception of expertise to promote a product which people rely on to their detriment because it is defective. The novelty here is that it is the believers in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) who are promoting the product not the sceptics. And it is the general public who are being forced through their power bills and the cascade throughout the economy of the cost of the AGW ‘measures’ to rely on the product of AGW to their detriment.
Read the rest at JoNova, I doubt it will be on the ABC.

Update: Jo Nova unleashes the evidence against Tranter's woeful Unleashed piece:

This article is an good example of how taxpayer’s dollars are not just wasted, but are actively used against the taxpayer. Tranter should be free, of course, to sell her articles and convince the masses, but things that are so easily proven wrong, so unresearched, unreferenced, and unsubstantiated are the communication pollution that makes the country poorer.
That the ABC did not even allow or invite a rebuttal questions their partiality. That they thought this piece was worth stamping the ABC logo on in the first place, is a mark of how low standards of logic, reason and analysis have become. This is not robust community debate, it’s putting the uninformed on national soapboxes. Read the rest at ...Got baseless smears and innuendo? Perfect for the ABC.

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