Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ABC's errors worse and worse!

Response to ABC’s 730 report on the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce, 27 February 2014
The story titled Navy gang rape victim breaks silence in search for treatment that aired on the ABC’s 7.30 program on 27 February 2014 and appears on the program’s website, contains significant factual errors.

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  1. Sorry Off Top but I think it's important
    Q&A Live at the AAAS 2014, broadcast by The Naked Scientists and ABC Australia (FRIDAY 21 FEB 2014)

    Joel - Joel Werner*, science journalist
    "... Climate deniers often use the tools of propaganda to further their campaign. Should science be embracing these similar tools?"

    Panelist Robyn Williams reply
    (200 word rant then)
    ".. the people who are knocking climate science are using all the techniques of advertising, of propaganda and the sowing of doubt.
    ... Jesus I nearly threw-up, Joel is not a regular audience member, he and Robyn work together making climate alarmist progs for ABC radio. This seems like an outrageous fix to me.
    So this is a question accusing skepticsof propaganda tricks & sowing doubt, which actually used propaganda to sow doubt about skeptics.
    - The question gave the other panelists the opportunity to kick "deniers"
    panelists : David Willetts, the UK Minister for Universities and Science, Robyn Williams, of the Science Show on the ABC, Kathleen Kennedy MIT, IgNobel Awards founder Marc Abrahams (strong alarmist)

    * Question is in the middle of the Transcript (The audio 26m30s is clear but iIt Mis-spells Werner as Veness. My analysis of @JoelWerner twitter account confirms that Werner is the questioner. He has just moved to NYC to do freelancework for 1 year, but still seems to be an ABC employee, his progs are still going out on the ABC)


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