Thursday, March 6, 2014

Missing News: Climate sensitivity

A new GWPF report on climate sensitivity by Nic Lewis and Marcel Crok with introduction by Judy Curry.

Take home message:
"Only in recent years has it become possible to make good empirical estimates of climate sensitivity from observational data such as temperature and ocean heat records. These estimates, published in leading scientific journals, point to climate sensitivity per doubling most likely being under 2◦C for long-term warming, and under 1.5◦C over a seventy-year period. This strongly suggests that climate models display too much sensitivity to carbon dioxide concentrations and in almost all cases exaggerate the likely path of global warming."

"The new information on climate sensitivity suggests that even with relatively high emissions the government’s two-degree limit for global warming is likely to be reached only towards the end of the century."
Once again the tumbleweeds roll around ABC's news room as yet another good news story fails to breach its walls of groupthink.

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