Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lies of the Climate Commission/Council: Part 18

ABC covered the Climate Council's latest beat up.

It included this summary:

2013-14 summer records included:

  • 11 days above 42C in Adelaide
  • Driest summer for 45 spots in Qld & 38 in NSW
  • Sydney's driest summer in 27 years
  • 20 days above 35C in Canberra
Source: Climate Council

Included in the "records" is reference to "20 days above 35C in Canberra".

The report did not mention that in 1939 the BOM station at ACTON (70099-one we have taken an interest in) recorded 23 days above 35C! There were also 5 more days above 30 in 1939.

See comparison below:
Summer 1939-ACTON 70099

Summer 2014-Canberra Airport 70351

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