Monday, August 26, 2013

The bottomless pit

Hold the front page according to the ABC's Vote Compass "Australians want more action on climate change".

According to ABC's online poll "Most Australians think the Government should do more to tackle climate change" .(How statistically credible is that?.. Ed...this poll has zero statistical credibility)

The poll would have had more credibility is it had included an indication of what people were prepared to pay, but as ABC works in a cost-less world, a bottom less pit where money rains down from heaven to fill it like magic, its staff  (who enjoy very favorable parental leave provisions, Ed...don't forget those very favourable "well earned break" provisions as well) didn't think to ask this question.

ABC in such a vacuum it is unaware that other people work for their money.

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  1. Erm, what climate change, the global warming that ceased 15 years ago or the cooling and solar minimum that is leading us into the next somewhat overdue ice age??

    Oh have you heard the latest, NASA is moving with the times it seems, if it wasnt so ridiculous it might be......ridiculous!!


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