Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nothing unusual in August Morning glory

"Morning Glory" does this refer to ABC's habit of being loose with the truth?

ABC claim....Famous cloud formation rolls in ahead of time

"Residents of an island in Queensland's Gulf of Carpentaria say a rare formation of clouds known as Morning Glory have appeared much earlier than expected."
"Tex Battle from Sweers Island says the clouds, which appear like a roll of clouds in the sky, are usually visible from mid September."

Here's a flickr photo showing the formation in July! Taken 24/7/2011

ABC reported on the phenomena back in August 2003 when occurrences in August were not that unusual. 
"From around August until November the Morning Glory is one of the most spectacular events in nature to be found anywhere in Australia."

An August occurrence in 2009 reported by the ABC...  Morning Glory Cloud arrives early

Morning Glory Clouds
Mick Petroff photographed this series of Morning Glory clouds from his airplane at the southern end of Australia's Gulf of Carpentaria on August 11, 2009.

That freak August 2009 occurrence also covered by SMH 

UPDATE: ABC so chuffed with the erroneous report its gets a tick on the home page....Screenshot at 3pm 13/8/2013
ABC NEWS now suggest this apparently normal appearance is now "much earlier"

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