Friday, August 30, 2013

Election bias

ABC have an obligation to be impartial. Its staff whose voting patterns were revealed in a recent study are simply unable to fulfill this obligation. Articles in today's Australian emphasize this point:

The politics of Media Watch
IF the ABC was less consumed with hubris, it would crawl into a ball with shame after two of the three leaders' election debates were entrusted to Sky News and all were moderated by Sky's level-headed David Speers.
It is proof, if proof were needed, that the political establishment no longer trusts the ABC to act as an honest broker. Indignant complaints that the Opposition Leader has refused for the umpteenth time to appear on this or that program are broadcast as regularly as the weather these days. Its presenters seem to think this is Tony Abbott's problem, instead of a damning indictment on the public broadcaster's integrity. In federal politics, Sky News makes a more substantial contribution to public life than the ABC, an institution colonised by perpetually adolescent Triple J graduates who count doltish shows such as The Hamster Decides, Gruen Nation and The Roast as a serious civic debate.
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Funny how it's only a huge misstep for Mr Rabbit to launch a policy at Christian school
NO comment when Peter Garrett and David Bradbury launch policies at the same school?
ABC radio's PM, yesterday:
MARK Colvin: Tony Abbott today launched one of his last major policies to be released this campaign. The Opposition Leader chose a Christian school in western Sydney to release his full education policy ... But there was a distraction because the school's website describes homosexuality as an abomination.
Journalist: On your education policy, do you think it is appropriate to announce the Coalition's education policy at a school which on its website says that homosexuality is an abomination?
Tony Abbott: Obviously I don't agree with that statement. Obviously I don't agree.
Lexi Metherell: The Opposition Leader's strategists are normally assiduous in setting up highly controlled campaign events but it seems they missed the school's statement of faith on its website, which declares homosexuality an abomination to God.
Abbott: Look, this is a good school and it's a school which has been supported by people like David Bradbury and Peter Garrett, and look, I respectfully disagree with lots of things that are said on that particular subject and obviously I disagree with that statement.
Metherell: The school would have been chosen for its location. It's in the seat of Lindsay, held on a slim margin by the Labor minister David Bradbury.
Sarah Blake, News Limited Network, tweets yesterday:
HUGE misstep for Abbott? Penrith Christian School's website describes homosexuality as an abomination under God ... Interesting that the Coalition leader's only school visit is to a religious school
Latika Bourke, ABC journalist, tweets yesterday:
TONY Abbott launching education policy at a school that teaches homosexuality is "abomination unto God".
Government media release, April 16:
MINISTER for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth, Peter Garrett, and Federal Member for Lindsay David Bradbury officially opened the new Trade Training Centre at Penrith Christian School.
David Bradbury Facebook post, November 11 last year:
PARENTS at Penrith Christian School are campaigning for a bus service direct from the school to Claremont Meadows. Help support their campaign by signing our petition here: Penrith Christian School needs a new bus service!

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