Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sad to see it come to this.

Comment left at The Science Show...

"Still waiting on Robyn to have a no nonsense, rational discussion with some of the major players about climate sensitivity and the growing disparity between climate models and observations. Might I suggest Pitman, England and Karoly versus Lindzen, Curry, and Pielke (Snr). It is growing increasingly obvious to anyone following the scientific discourse that the models are running on the hot side and it seems the called Luke Warmers are on the verge of being proven correct.

Unfortunately all we continue to hear from the Science show is personal smear, ridicule and abuse, and from non-scientist activists to boot.

It is truly sad to see such a great radio institution demean itself in such a way. But I guess when you are losing an argument it's all you have left."


  1. I no longer bother to listen to the Science Show. Further to your proposal on a debate of cause and effect of climate change, I would like to see the Science Show give some coverage to interesting developments in geology, mineralogy and like sciences that covers innovation and ideas relevant to the mining industry that will benefit the Australian economy. I suspect that this would be distasteful subject matter that would upset the fossilised presenter and its listener base. More likely would be a dissertation on overcoming the dynamic vagaries in operating left-handed organic wheelbarrows.

  2. Yes seems its been some time since that the fossilised presenter and the cabbage patch kids that make up the production crew covered anything useful.


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