Thursday, December 26, 2013

Relentless heatwave continues

BOM's Christmas heatwave continues....


  1. For those of us in the northern hemisphere who have no idea what "BOM" is, and may want to know: Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is an agency of the government of Australia, capitol city Canberra. They are responsible for generating weather forecasts for the region. Occasionally BOM will sally forth to engage in the ongoing rhetorical construction known as Human Caused Global Warming (HUCAGLOWA).

  2. Canberra is our capital - but the BoM HQ is in Melbourne -
    From wazsah - I would say the taxpayer funded BoM seldom misses an opportunity to rattle the CAGW "global warming" can. That is the main reason the BoM richly deserves any criticism heaped on it when one of their over zealous hot-hot-hot forecasts crashes and burns as this one has done so comprehensively.
    My main interest now is to hear the BoM explain how their Christmas 2013 Heatwave forecast so quickly failed so miserably. We do not deserve to have it sink without trace.

  3. BOM predicted heatwave conditions for Christmas and New Years Day here in Perth. Both days turned out to be in the mid twenties - rather cool considering the time of year. This was ignored by those fearless journalists who are only interested in the truth.


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