Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick fix on alarmist report

A quick fix that does nothing to repair the lack of balance in this alarmist report.

Thank for contacting the ABC regarding an interview aired on The World Today Tuesday December 3rd.

As a result of your complaint we have corrected the transcript on our website

I hope this resolves the matter for you but please feel free to contact ACMA if you feel you need to take it further.


Paula Kruger
Coordinating Producer
ABC Radio Current Affairs

Score +1


  1. I hardly ever comment here but always read. I heard the programme on the radio while driving and at no stage did Hall ask why we should believe any of the projections since the models had proven themselves to be abject failures at predicting future temperature. Nor did she raise the issue regarding why the UN IPCC might have withdrawn its assessment of climate sensitivity to CO2 from it's latest report. She treated this guy as a prophet and the book as the bible. ZERO OBJECTIVITY! Keep up your good work.


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