Thursday, May 5, 2011

Job Vacancy

ABC are seeking a Chief Political Correspondent to lead its Radio Current Affairs bureau in Canberra. Specifically ABC want an "an agenda setting political reporter to lead the Radio Current Affairs bureau in Parliament House Canberra."  (What happened to just reporting the news?)
Salary is $79,208 - $100,428 p.a. + Generous Super (I guess the super must be very generous indeed, or the agenda items will all be related to politician's interest in Justin Beber, and the latest iphone app .)

  • Selection criteria include:

    1. Senior journalist with excellent writing skills. Broadcast experience preferred.
    2. Demonstrated flair for political reporting and ability to break stories.
    3. Able to analyse and give context to complex political issues.
    4. An effective communicator.  Able to lead and administer a small, highly productive and creative radio current affairs team.
    5. Able to deliver accurate copy, ahead of deadlines, while working under intense pressure
    6. Authoritative interviewing and live reporting ability.
    7. Extensive and relevant contact list.
    8. Thorough knowledge of, or willing to work within, ABC Editorial guidelines.
    9. An understanding of and commitment to the ABC's aims, objectives and workplace values, together with relevant Equity & Diversity and OH&S.
    For that salary, good luck with that!


    1. I nominate Andrew Bolt or Tim Blair (just to see lefties' heads spin)

    2. Not sure that amount would secure a bunion on Laurie Oakes left foot.
      Perhaps ABC could re-direct some of the money it spends on foreign correspondents (who are apparently not up to the job) to providing a decent salary to attract a candidate who fits the bill? Just a thought.


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