Friday, June 14, 2013

ABC News fail on timely delivery of facts in menu hype

The Australian reports on the very slow response of the ABC to report on facts emerging in the over-hyped menu "scandal".

The broadcaster repeated the original 'menu' story after it was debunked

In the meantime it's interesting to compare ABC's treatment of jokes about Gillard with jokes made about Tony Abbot's chief of staff PETA Credlin at a union function attended by senior ALP members including Wayne Swan. This Lateline report covers the Credlin abuse as a footnote, but for Gillard its all hands on deck and batten down the hatches, lest any new facts get in the way. 

The bias of ABC is all pervasive and endless.  The Greek solution to public broadcasting looking like a real option. 

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  1. ABC News radio this morning was all over a headline that the Indonesian Vice President Boediono firmly ruled out the coalition's intended policy to turn asylum seeker boats around. In listening to the interview with Jim Middleton, it was the interviewer who was leading and feeding the interview with this negative proposition. The VP's measured response could hardly be interpreted as unequivocal.... but then that's their ABC doing what they like to do!
    On link below at 9:57 - 11:27 min.


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