Friday, April 1, 2011

Greenieleft- ABC launch New Current Affairs Program

This media release fell on our desk this morning (Click to enlarge):


  1. Bite your tongue

    Baa Humbug

  2. Happy April Fools

  3. They may as well, 7:30 is now the taxpayer funded equivelant of ACA, whatever the trite pap Ch7 spews, the 7pm project & the George Fungus show.

    I want my money back, I don't pay taxes to be fed propaganda and tabloid pap.

  4. Has to be april fools day or ist alene composta back at work....

  5. OT but telling none the less. ABC Afternoon Live just did a segment where they were interviewing an everyday citizen in Tokyo. Now you would think everyday=average citizen. So it would appear our ABC thinks the average Tokyo citizen is a female white Australian journalist.

  6. The disturbing part is it's getting harder and harder to decipher satire from reality when it to comes to the ABC.

    Hell, they can't even pick it themselves...

    Alene seemed just too easy!


    The Loaded Dog


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