Thursday, October 7, 2010

Worst radio interview ever?

We posted on The Science Show's woeful interview with Bob Ward earlier this week. Quadrant Online have now put up an essay on the issue by Tom Harris titled "ABC fails listeners" that is definitely worth reading.
It begins..."What’s the worst radio interview ever conducted on climate change? Could it be Australian? 

Maybe so. ABC radio’s Robyn Williams’ October 2, 2010 interview of UK-based public relations director Bob Ward is certainly a contender for the worldwide gold medal in the ‘worse ever’ category.  The interview, broadcast on the nationally prestigious Science Show, is so bad that listeners don’t need to actually know anything about climate science to spot the most obvious flaws. "
Read the rest at Quadrant Online

Update: See also comments at Bishop Hill: "Bob Ward's efforts to smear absolutely everyone who disagrees with his position on climate change continues apace, with a shameful attackon Bob Carter on ABC radio in Australia."

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