Wednesday, November 26, 2014

LOE apathetic board

Unedited version of a letter in today's Australian....

Rather than take the opportunity to restructure the ABC to get back to basics  it seems Mark Scott is intent on burning it to the ground and salting the earth behind him. In similar circumstances, in other institutions, an informed, competent board would step in and end the farce by sacking the CEO, but ABC's current crop of apathetic chair warmers lacks the balls to act. If Minister Turnbull wants to leave a lasting legacy then it's time he stepped in and reframed the ABC's enabling legislation to provide for the replacement of the board in cases of gross incompetence or indifference. One way to put an end to the lasting destruction now unfolding.

Rather than trim the fat Scott has taken the knife to the few remaining areas of the organisation that actually help meet the charter. This is one management team that should be sent packing before they do further damage.


  1. The temerity of Scott to cut regional services instead of their massively inward looking inner city regime is ridiculous.

    I think "its time" the ABC Act was amended.

  2. If you're gonna go through the pain of about 1% of the 9% that watch abc being upset you may as well go a lot further btw...

  3. How galling must it be for state hosts of 7.30 on Fridays losing their jobs knowing that Barrie Cassidy earns $243,000 for 1 hr a week on Sundays and Juanita Phillips getting $316,000 for reading the news.

    Mark Scott $700,000 should be sacked...

  4. The ABC is simply a waste of good, hard earned taxpayer money. There is no one more entitled than an ABC employee therefore staffing must be reduced to the bare operating minimum. The cuts don't go nearly far enough. The ABC should be confined to providing services where a) there is a clear market failure (coverage to rural and remote areas and b) a completely UNbiased coverage of news events. A hot day isn't a news event.

    A new Charter needs to be drawn up and the Board asked to re-apply for their positions. Sack Scott immediately. He is nothing but seditious waster.

  5. Here's an idea Mr. Turnbull. Get straight into 'fixing' the ABC legislation immediately and threaten to whack the ABC budget each and every month said amendments are held up in the Senate and/or if the incompetent Board and the CEO have refused to resign by February of next year and/or blatantly ignored written directives from you.

    Better still, privatise the monstrosity and be done with all the unnecessary stuffing around..


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