Monday, September 22, 2014

Giving air to loons

The ABC passed on an interview program featuring former PM John Howard and now that its broadcast it takes a decidedly biased position in covering what was said. 

This morning ABC online ran with the headline: John Howard 'embarrassed' by Iraq WMD intelligence. 
ABC's breathless intro: Former prime minister John Howard says he was "embarrassed" intelligence he used to take Australia to war in Iraq was inaccurate and denies it was a "deliberate deception".

This afternoon ABC follow up with some ridiculous comments from Andrew Wilkie:
"Frankly, I'm disappointed that the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court hasn't thought to hold John Howard responsible for conspiracy to commit mass murder," he said.
Mr Wilkie said Islamic State militants should be condemned for terrorist actions in Iraq, and added that the current unrest in the Middle East had its roots in the events of 11 years ago.

The "roots" are somewhat older. Honestly where do these loons come from?

We wait to see ABC give the same treatment to Kevin Rudd for his support for involvement in Iraq! As always we won't be holding our breath.

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