Saturday, December 8, 2012

A flood of discontent

A swag of letters over two days in the Australian (links and extracts below) decrying ABC's biased current affairs coverage. One doubts that anyone at Ultimo is listening and that anything constructive will be done to resolve the issue.

December 8, 2012 ABC's bias is a sore that just keeps on running
Extracts below follow links for the complete letters

AS a spate of letters has shown this week, nobody does bias like the ABC. On many political issues -- from Israel, to warmist hype, to the US alliance, to gay marriage -- the broadcaster is utterly predictable in its leftist responses....

Notwithstanding the ABC's exclusive funding by the taxpayer, its pervasive bias is the sore that just keeps on running.
Brenton Minge
THERE has never been a time of greater need for the ABC -- which has profound influence with its ability to reach into every household -- to be held to account....
Stephen Turner

IN response to the gripes of letter writers complaining about public funding of the ABC, I do not much care for sport but my taxes help pay for sporting institutes, the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. I did not support the invasion of Iraq, yet my taxes helped pay for that invasion.
At its best, the ABC enriches my life, it makes me laugh and it makes me think. Enjoy your sport and your wars and let me enjoy my ABC.

Anthony Yeates

BRIAN Pymont misses the point in his defence of the ABC (Letters, 7/12). Being funded by the Australian taxpayer, it has a duty to report for us all. This is why the likes of Barrie Cassidy deserve our condemnation for his Left bias. I guess it reflects the general Left leaning of the public service, especially when accountability is low on the priority scale.
Stig Falster

EACH Friday, I engage with some close friends in a brain teaser. This week we debated the question, who has more credibility: Barrie Cassidy or Mark Latham? We couldn't come to answer because we were unable to envisage a situation in which either had credibility.
Jonathan Whybird

December 7, ABC doesn't answer to commercial imperatives

...However, the ABC is funded by taxpayers under the condition it gives a balanced view for all. Clearly, I am not getting my money's worth.
Ivan Cope

...Now the ABC's news and current affairs has at last realised the purpose for which it was established - to balance any anti-government stance of the newspapers, and to play a support role in effecting social and cultural change. In my experience, there was always inherent sympathy within the organisation for the Left and great suspicion of conservatism and business.
Geoffrey Luck

...You can turn off Insiders, too, but you'll still have to pay for it.
Paul Yates

A FEW letter writers miss the point when it comes to ABC's left-wing bias. The ABC's mission is not to balance other media outlets but to provide content for all Australians.
The continued absence of any conservative voices among the hosts of its current affairs and local radio programs is a slap in the face to half of the Australian population that helps to pay for its existence.
Marc Hendrickx

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  1. Bias may be one failing. Arrogance is another. I have requested NewsRadio to cease using "eastern summer time" and instead use the official term "eastern daylight time" (AEDT) to avoid confusion down the track with "eastern standard time" (AEST) that's in use in QLD all year round.

    No way, was the retort from Ultimo-land. They need "a quick..easily understood... conversational device to differentiate from eastern standard time". Announcers Tracee H, Sandy A and others blithely - nay, ignorantly - use the full misspeak "Australian eastern summer time" in national and international programs. What time should I turn up for an ABC interview posted for 8.30 am AEST?


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