Wednesday, November 10, 2010

red back army

Alarmism of a different nature. 
Scary Headline: Deadly red-backs invade New Zealand
Send shivers down their spine: "Australia's deadly red-back spider has established itself in New Zealand, posing a significant risk to humans as it threatens to colonise major cities, researchers have found."
Leave the most important facts till the end: "there have been no fatalities since an anti-venom was developed in the 1950s."


  1. Not only that but the Australian Redback (Latrodectus hasselti)is a close relative of NZs own Katipo (Latrodectus katipo)which is also venomous with an available anti-venom.
    I don't think NZs cold wet winters (North Isaland coastal anyway) are any worse than southern Aus.
    Also noted the include mention that "climate modelling showed"


  2. Of course with the ABC it's what they leave out. A fuller article on this can be found at

    which has as one of it's concluding remarks " Their findings were averaged out over 30 years of redback sightings - in other words, very few."



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