Monday, April 5, 2010

Missing News: Circling the Bandwagons-IPCC temperature data refuted

COMMENT: We wonder whether there is a reporter at the ABC unaffected by the organisation's affliction of "Confirmation Bias" when it comes to matters Climate Change. If so perhaps they will take a look at Prof. Ross McKitrick's detailed description of how his paper refuting IPCC claims that its global temperature data set are free of inhomogeneities found its way to publication in the journal "Statistics, Politics and Policy".

From the Abstract:

I am taking this story public because of what it reveals about the journal peer review process in the field of climatology. Whether climatologists like it or not, the general public has taken a large and legitimate interest in how the peer review process for climatology journals works, because they have been told for years that they will have to face lots of new taxes and charges and fees and regulations because of what has been printed in climatology journals. Because of the policy stakes, a bent peer review process is no longer a private matter to be sorted out among academic specialists. And to the extent the specialists are unable or unwilling to fix the process, they cannot complain that the public credibility of their discipline suffers.

The full paper can be found HERE, and Roger Pielke Jr's report on it HERE.

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